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Yavoriv village is one of the most beautiful places in Hutsul region. People's craftsmen do it here: wood carving, embroidery, painting and more. Local peple call Yavoriv the capital of Ukrainian traditions. Here we will have different master class making really ukrainian things. Local people are very friendly and tell us all the secrets of making them. 
Also in this region there are many differents unique nature attractions, such as:
The Ternoshorska Lada is a unique and picturesque Carpathian Rock Reserve. It's a place of strength for people and very beautiful place too. The rocks are adjacent to the slopes of Mount Ternoshor at an altitude of 720 m.. There are many sources of drinking water in the tract. With its strict and majestic beauty it makes a strong impression on the person. This place is called Ukrainian Stonehenge.
 Yavorivskyy Guk is a wonderful waterfall which local people call Yavorivska Niagara. The height of the waterfall is 6 m.. 
It will be a wonderful tour for you and your family or friends.

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Tour includes:
walking tour of the picturesque nature to The Ternoshorska Lada and Yavorivskyy Guk
delicious ukrainian lunch



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  2. Яворів