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The program types of our guided tours in Ukraine but are not limited to active tours in both summer and winter, individualized special interest tours, educational programs, culture & history tours as well as family and intergenerational tours.

Whether you intend to publish scheduled trips, custom tours or private guided tours, we will be happy to help you create an unforgettable experience for your clients.


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We love what we do.

We love to travel. That is why, as experienced tourists, we constantly explore the world in search of the best hotels, the coziest restaurants, interesting routes, and fabulous places. Before we offer a trip, we will definitely listen, advise and find an individual approach to each client to plan a trip that will exceed all expectations.

We are creative and inventive.

Everyone is different. And understanding this, we offer you not just a package tour, but we will create for you the perfect individual route.


We know what hospitality is.

We work exclusively with professionals, so we are confident in our service. Our standards are high, but we do not stop improving them. We will listen to your wishes, and create something amazing, something that will exceed the expectations of the most exacting tourists.

Our services are not the cheapest, but we know how to save your money. We offer you 100% financial security.

Traveling with “Aven-Tour” is a holiday that will give you an unforgettable experience. A holiday full of fun, joy, knowledge and new discoveries. A holiday that inspires you to new achievements.




Founder and CEO


I am Lyubov Gnatyuk - International lawyer who love to travel. It will be great pleasure for me to meet You in Ukraine.

You are the most important Tourist for me!

Welcome  to amaizing destination - my native country-  Ukraine. 

Aventour company was established in 2011 to open the World for Ukrainians and to open Ukraine for foreigners.

Historical and cultural life, hiking, biking, rafting , ski - is kind of my life, so I am here just shere my experience and emotion with You about Ukraine.

All dream must come true !!! 






executive director