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Bike Tour Route 305 "Divochi Sliozy" ("Girl Tears")

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Yaremche - aviary - waterfall “Divochi Sliozy”

The length of the route is 6.7 km.

The highest plot is 642 meters.

Height - 231 meters.

Travel time is 1.5 hours.

Time on foot - 2.5 hours.

The route starts from the railway crossing (market), located in the center of Yaremche. Having overcome 1300 meters of concrete, paved, and then a dirt road, we go to the aviaries. Here you can leave the bikes on a special stand and observe the animals - noble and spotted deer, Carpathian boars. Then we follow the sign “Divochi Sliozy”.

Then you have to force the only one on the route a long ascent, waiting for about a kilometer of perfectly equal road to the forest.

After a few turns, we fall into the waterfall “Divochi Sliozy”. It is very problematic to approach it - it is better to get out of the bike and to walk the last 200 m.

We return to Yaremche in the same way.

From EUR 29.99

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