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Bike Tour Route 306 "Bahrovets"

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Aviary - community Bahrovets - recreation center “Karpaty” - waterfall “Probiy”

The length of the route is 6 km

The highest plot is 705 meters

Set height - 266 meters

Travel time in - 1.5 hours

Time on foot - 2.5 hours

From the Yaremche market, from where the route begins, you need to go along the railway, guided by the signs. After 500 meters - a large lawn on the river bank, where there is a source from the curative water. It is better to have a good rest here, because the next kilometer of the path gradually rises up.

Approximately 500 m farther there is the village of Bahrovets with the wonderful Carpathian scenery. About a kilometer farther there is a small but very picturesque waterfall.

After the smooth road, you will need to go on humps again. Almost three kilometers from the aviary, climbs end with a magnificent observation deck at an altitude of 705 meters above the level sea. Then you can rush in one breath with a superb serpentine that leads to the southern edge of Yaremche.

But here, it is not necessary to go to the main road: immediately after the concrete bridge, according to the instructions turn left and a quiet path in the shade of trees get to the famous masterpiece of wooden architecture - the restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”. Here you can visit the souvenir market, see the waterfall “Probiy”.

For those who do not really like long-distance uplift by ground roads, this route is better to overcome in backward starting from the restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”. Then the climbing will not be very difficult, and on dirt roads, you will be able to speed up when going down.

From EUR 50

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