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Truskavets is the world famous spa resort, is located in the picturesque valley in the Carpathian foothills at an altitude of 350 m above sea level and 105 km away from Lviv.

Truskavets is a cozy and ecologically pure zone with temperate continental climate and a wide variety of natural resources. The resort is one of the oldest in Europe. Its territory is rich for mineral waters with its 14 natural sources and the deposits of mountain wax - ozokerite.



  • The world famous spa resort
  • The springs of mineral wate

Pump room is both a memorable place and an epicenter of health where you can taste the mineral water “Naftusya”. In the tract of Pymarka you can not only visit the mineral springs, but also swim in the lake, that was formed on the site of production of ozokerite.

  • The Museum of History of Truskavets

The Museum of History of Truskavets was opened in 1982. It demonstrates important periods of the history of the city, the life of prominent personalities and the way of life of the bay. The exposition is located in 7 halls of a magnificent wooden building, previously known as Villa Sariush.

  • The Assumption Church of Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption Church of Blessed Virgin Mary is located in the heart of the city. The church was built in 1859 in a neo-Gothic style. The main attraction of the temple is organ. It was established here in 1915. Three times a week everyone can visit the evening of organ music.

  • The central park

The central park of Truskavets is more like a dense forest with rich flora and fauna, where in the shade of trees pleases the eye of graceful sculptures and a magnificent fountain.


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