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Bike tour

From EUR 250

What about traveling by bicycle on fabulous land, described in legends and sung in poetry?
We invite you to take part in exploring some of the most miraculous places of Ukrainian Carpathians - a real pearl created by nature on the canvas of the landscape diversity of the south-west of Ukraine. 
of the tour: the Carpathians, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Delyatun
Tour program: 

We will do our best to make our participants feel comfortableKilometers. So pace and travel time are designed for people with an average level of training.
Experienced cyclists and beginners need to adapt to the majority of participants in the group of an average level of training.

Day 1: Delyatyn - Waterfall Guk - Tatars - Vorokhta - Delyatyn
Day 2: Delyatyn - Yamna - Yaremche - Dora - Delyatyn
Day 3: Delyatyn - Polyanitsa - Bukovel - Delyatyn
Day 4: Delyatyn - Voronenko - Berkut pass - Yablunitsa - Delyatyn
Day 5: Delyatyn - Canyon - Oil fields - Delyatyn
Day 6: Delyatyn - rocks Church - Mount Rokita - meadows - Mount Makowitsa - Delyatyn
Day 7: Delyatyn - Mount Lisniv - meadows - Delyatyn
                                                                                                                              Detailed description

1st DAY
  • arriving by train to one of the woderful cities of Ukraine -  Ivano-Frankivsk
  • transfer to the village Mykulychyn
  • settlement in the estates
  • having breakfast on the fresh mountain air
  • fees
  • visiting one of the most gorgeous waterfalls named Guk 
  • visiting another village Vorokhta
  • Returning with the best impressions to Delyatyn.

Token of the day:
Guk Falls: in the Carpathians, locals call waterfalls Guk, because they are loud and can be heard from afar. Located a few kilometers from Mykulychyn, in an extremely beautiful area. The narrow road along the stream will be work for your cameras. A small river that falls from a height of 15 meters with loud noise is called Zhenets. Curved geological strata of rocks add to the waterfall mysticism. At the end of the tour, let's look at Uncle Yuri for a tasting of honey, wines, liquors, and tinctures on Carpathian herbs and roots.

Railway arch bridge (viaduct): in Vorokhta there is one of the oldest and longest stone arch bridges in Europe (130 m), one of the arches is 65 m long. This famous railway bridge was built in 1894 and served until 2000. One of the most ancient temples of wooden architecture of the 17th century - the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - was preserved in Vorokhta. It was built in 1615 when Vorokhta was still a village of the village of Mikulichin, and among other Hutsul temples of the same type, it is distinguished by the most perfect proportions and harmonious forms.
2nd DAY
  • tasting traditional Ukraine breakfast
  • going on a trip to Yaremche and exploring second gorgeous waterfall Probiy
  • returning to the place of residence.

Token of the day:
The most interesting place in Yaremche is the eight-meter step waterfall Probiy, over which a pedestrian bridge over the river Pryt. Not far from the bridge is the Hutsul market, where you can buy a variety of souvenirs made by local craftsmen,
and by crossing the bridge to the other side of the river, we get to the monument of architecture - the Hutsulshchyna restaurant.
From the outskirts of the village on the side of. Yamna you can get to the rocks of Dovbush along the path of the same name.
Local cliffs and caves are covered in legends about the glorious leader of the rebels.
3rd DAY
  • having breakfast in the nature
  • bike-journey to Bukovel - sports capital of Ukraine
  • Going to Tatariv
  • learning something about the mass grave of Austrian soldiers with a monument from the First World War
  • 2-3 hours of free time for entertainment
  • returning to our comfortable place of residence.

Token of the day:
Bukovel: the youngest and most growing ski resort in Ukraine. There is a bike park on Bukovel, three cycle paths of different difficulty levels with a total length of about 11 km. Creating a bike park in Bukovel was helped by Yaroslav Lukan, director and creator of the bike park in the Czech Republic.
4th DAY
  • having breakfast and preparing for a small trip on Ukrainian train to the village Voronenko 
  • enjoying fresh air 1000 m above sea level at the the old Polish-Czechoslovak
  • returning.

Token of the day:
Yablunitsky pass (Tatar pass): height - 931 m above sea level.
It is located in the Hutsul region, on the border of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions,
on the southwestern outskirts of the village of Yablunitsa.
Through the Yablunitsky pass in the 13th century. the Mongol-Tatar horde passed to southwestern Europe (hence the second name).
On the pass is a large souvenir market, known in the Carpathians and throughout Ukraine.
5th DAY
  • Breakfast
  • visiting fantastic place of stone and water Prutets-Chemegivsky river
  • exploring historical Nadvirnyansky oil refinery
  • returning.

Token of the day:
Canyon on the Prutets-Chemegivsky River: along the Prutets River, a stone canyon has formed, which extends for many kilometers and impresses with its beauty. Moving along the canyon, we will see its diverse nature, extremely rich vegetation, which there seemed to have grown into its stone walls.
6th DAY
  • having breakfast and listening calm Ukrainian tradithional music 
  • going to Mount Rokita
  • Staying at the real Hutsul kolyba
  • getting acquainted with the shepherds and trying tasty real Poloninsky cheese (budz, ghoul) and butter.
  • enjoy picturesque meadows to Mount Makovitsa
  • returning

Token of the day: 
Mount Church: powerful cliffs stand on top of the mountain.

Mount Rokita (1111 m above sea level):  in clear weather from Mount Rokita, you can see almost half of the Hutsul region and even its “gate” - the Pokutsky city of Kolomyia, as well as the regional center of the Carpathian region, Ivano-Frankivsk.
And from other peaks, it can be unmistakably found by a clear reference point - a powerful relay tower.

Mount Makovitsa: the peak of Makovitsy and its slopes are crippled by trenches of trenches dug back during the First and Second World Wars. Heavy fighting took place here. And on Mount Smerichok, one of the peaks of the ridge, stretching from the town of Delyatina and the peak of Malevo to the top of Lysina Kosmatskaya, many Romanian soldiers died from Russian artillery fire. Residents from nearby villages on holidays go to Mount Smerichok to pray. They still find fired cartridge cases from rifles and cannons, and the shells of cannon shells are used as anvils for riveting braids.
7th DAY
  • having last tasty ukrainian breakfast
  • a little hard climb to the mountain Lisniv, wich is 1256 m above sea level
  • opening the tops of the ridge, beautiful views of the Gorgan and the entire Montenegrin ridge
  • having received the best impressions and a lot of positive energy, leaving for Ivano-Frankivsk.

Token of the day: Magnificent landscapes: unlimited expanses of mountain forests and valleys will open to your eyes. Gorgan: a system of mountain ranges in the outer strip of the Ukrainian Carpathians, located in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. They stretch for 75 km from the north-west from the Mizunka and Rica valleys, southeast to the Prut valley, and their width from west to east is 40 km.


09:00 - 09:30 - Breakfast
09:30 - 10:00 - Fees
10:00 - 10:15 - Departure on a bicycle tour
16:00 - 17:00 - Return to base
17:00 - 18:00 - Shower, hand wash
18:00 - 19:00 - Dinner
19:00 - 23:00 - Free time


·   Accommodation in estates of green tourism

·   Bicycle and equipment rental (helmet)

·   Meals (breakfast, dinner) at the place of residence, sandwiches on the way.

·   Accident insurance and  instructor escort


·   Broken bike parts.

·   Travel from Ivano-Frankivsk to Mykulychyn - 65 UAH


From EUR 250

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Delyatyn - Waterfall Guk - Tatariv - Vorokhta - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - Yamna - Yaremche - Dora - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - Polyanitsa - Bukovel - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - Voronenko - Berkut pass - Yablunitsa - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - Canyon - Oil fields - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - rocks Church - Mount Rokita - meadows - Mount Makowitsa - Delyatyn
Delyatyn - Mount Lisniv - meadows - Delyatyn


  • Traveling in the marvellous part of Ukraine - Carpathians by bike
  • Plunging into the atmosphere of picturesque mountains, where you will find beautiful nature
  • Enjoying Hutsul hospitable culture and fresh air of the Carpathians
  • Gettingomance and vivid emotions
In your free time, you can visit the sauna or visit the kolyba (Hutsul restaurant).

If you want more extreme sports - you can ride a quad bike or rafting on a mountain river. Or choose a horse ride 
Leisure activities are not included in the price of the tour.


  1. Delyatyn
  2. Ворохта
  3. Буковель
  4. Татаров
  5. Яблоница