MEDICAL INFORMATION - ukraine-travel

Travelers may wish to bring a small first-aid kit and a supply of disposable syringes. You may bring:
- Sufficient regular prescription and non-prescription medicines 
- Vitamins
- Antibiotics
- Contraceptives
- Cold/allergy medicine
- Cough syrup
- Band-Aids and other bandages
- Aspirin and other pain relievers
- Diarrhea medicine
- Laxatives
- Water filter/pump for purification (optional)
- Antibiotic ointment 
- Copy of current glass prescription
- Contact lens solution, cleaners


The Ukrainian parliament passed a law in 1997 requiring all visitors to Ukraine to obtain mandatory health insurance from the state joint-stock insurance company Ukrinmedstrach at their point of entry into Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised the embassy that holders of official or diplomatic passports are exempt from this requirement. However, there have been cases where travelers with official passports have been required to buy the insurance. The cost has not exceeded $20 per traveler.

According to the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrinmedstrach was “created for the purpose of developing a state program to ensure that foreign citizens receive high-quality emergency medical assistance in Ukraine”.



It means that the program, guarantees that any visitor to Ukraine will have continuing access to the public health system in emergency cases and, secondly, it ensures that the facilities rendering emergency care are compensated for their services.

The cost of medical insurance, according to information from Ukrainian authorities, does not depend on the term of validity, or type of, visa but on the length of a foreigner’s stay in

Ukraine. The cost of the insurance is: from 1 to 5 days - approx. $2, for 30 days - $12, from 181 to 210 days - 334 $60, from 331 to 365 days - $95.