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EUR 30
"Motanka" doll is a symbol of a Ukrainian family, a symbol of good and happiness, a symbol of hope for the best and a strong sacred object. Motanka is a family charm of Ukrainians. These dolls are the bond of family ties of generations. It is a doll that consists of pieces of fabric wrapped in thread.


EUR 10
This is a hand-made postcard with the logo of our travel company. You can buy as a suvenir or sent it by post to you friends or relatives. This postcard is made of wooden meterial. It has a beautiful landscape.


EUR 40
Blankets of wool "Lizhnyk" is a guard for every Ukrainian family. This is a traditional Hutsul blanket, which is made from natural sheep wool. Its specialty is a long fluffy pile of pearl shades - gray, white and brown. It can be used as bedspread on the bed as well as the decoration or replacing for the carpet on the floor. Lizhnyks are often used as blankets with great pleasure, as they are not heavy, warm and soft. Carpathian masters weave such carpets using an old technology, which was passed on to them by their grandfathers. 

Handmade Leather Handbag Ukrainian Style

EUR 85
Unique handmade bag made of premium  genuine leather.  Made using rare technology of hot tooling. Unique patterns and stylish colors. Super comfortable, durable and functional. 

Honey Products

EUR 20
Different honey products. Delicious and healthy products made with love in the Ukrainian Carpathians. You need to take these with you from Ukraine.

Souvenirs with Ukrainian symbols

There are many souvenirs in Ukraine that you can bring for your friends. All of them are unique reminder of your journey. 
These can be:
- tablewares with Ukrainian symbols (plate, cup, glases)
- wooden casket
- magnets, key chains, notebooks, pens, maps
- clothing
- differents products with  leather, wool, wood


EUR 16
This is a smal-sized wooden map of Ukraine. This map is colorfull and bulky.It will be a great reminder of Ukraine or a great gift or suvenir for your friend and relatives.


"Carpathian tea"- delicious taste of sweet herbs and ripe berries gathered in ecologically clean areas of the Carpathians. They are not only very useful but also very tasty! Herbages, inflorescences, fruits and berries were grown in ecologically clean regions and collected in the proper time and manner. 

We offer these types of teas:

  • tea made of fruits, berries and herbs
  • phyto tea
  • Herbal tea for weight loss
  •  "Melissa", "Mint", "Camomile", "Echinacea purpurea", "Raspberry", "Strawberry", "Dog rose", "Huckleberry", "Black-currant", "Cherry", "Vitamin", "Multi-fruit", "Forest berries", "Vital energy", "Child's delight"
Pollution-free raw materials from Carpathian Mountains, unique technology of processing and packing allow  to create the natural product of the highest quality.
Weight: 30-Gram


Ukrainian tableware

EUR 50
Handmade crockery which is made only in Ukraine. Іt is made of special clay on a pottery wheel, after that it is baked in the oven at high temperature. Іt is painted by hand using Ukrainian ornament. These crockery are very unique and will be wonderful decoration for your table. 

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka (EMBROIDERED SHIRT)

EUR 99
 Ukrainian Vyshyvanka - is the colloquial name of the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. History of Vyshyvanka, technician and methods of her implementation are by the world-wide type of art of the Ukrainian people. The most widespread color for making vyshyvanka is white.
  • Traditionally patterns for women embroidery are all kinds of waves, diagonal lines, flowers, cogs and squares. 
  • Ukrainian men shirt had a cut in the front which differed it from the other ones. It was decorated by embroidery as well as cuffs.
  This is real beauty which will be always up-to-date. Regardless its traditional style, the classic white embroidered shirt does not restrict you in the experiments with your look in any way. The shirt goes well not only with trousers, skirts, shorts and jeans but with accessories as well – various beads, necklaces and bracelets. It is amazing how such an energetically deep item skillfully crafted with embroidery can adjust to its recipient’s wishes.

Wreath with flowers on the head

EUR 20
Wreath with flowers on the head is a symbol of beauty of Ukrainian girl. This accessory emphasizes beauty and complements any look. Each flower in the wreath has its own significance, dating back to ancient Slavic history. Thus, a camomile is a symbol of tenderness and kindness, a basil is a beauty, a rose is a love. Today, the Ukrainian wreath is used as an original accessory or unusual souvenir.

Еmbroidered towel

EUR 70
An embroidered towel in Ukraine holds a special place. Towels - a symbol of Ukraine, towel's embroidery ornaments are a folk memory of the life-giving powers of the earth and the sun. An embroidered towel is a symbol of the spiritual culture of the Ukrainian people. Аn embroidered towel is an integral part of all important events of the Ukrainians.


EUR 50
Сoraly is a necklace of coral beads strung on a thread. Сoraly is a unique decoration that will fit women anywhere, not only in Ukraine, but will be recognized as a Ukrainian gift. Red coralies are a traditional element of Ukrainian national clothing. In the complete with necklaces can be earrings
and a bracelet