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The Hutsul town Yaremche is a resort town situated above the rapid river Prut, among in the picturesque mountains, and the neighboring village of Dora, which is called the door to the Carpathians. It is here that most of the Carpathian tourist routes intersect. There is a unique wooden church of St. Michael. The main local attraction is the waterfall “Probiy”. 

There is a souvenir market, where you can buy amazing hand-made items of local craftsmen. It is worth your time to also visit National Folk Art Museum of Hutsulshchya and Pokuttya – the unique museum in Ukraine included in Guiness World Records Book.


Ivano-Frankivsk – Starunia – Bukovel – Pniv – Yaremche – Ivano- Frankivsk A mud volcano Starunia is a unique geological natural monument, the only active mud volcano in the Carpathian region. Mud volcanoes are a rarity in this region, only two of them are known – Starunia volcano in Ukraine and Berkivskyi in Romania. There are only a few such places in Europe. Apart from the mentioned ones, there are well-known mud volcano in Sicily and northern foothills of the Apennines in Italy, on the Kerch Peninsula in Ukraine. Pniv Castle was built in the second half of the XVI century by the Kuropatovs, Polish feudalists. It played a very important role of a put-post during the Polish-Turkish Wars of the XVII century. It is one of the strongest citadels of Ivano-Frankivsk region and at its time, the most solid castle in Ukraine. Bukhtivets and Krapelkovyi waterfalls are the waterfalls of Ukrainian Carpathians that are situated in the mountain massif of Gorgana. The height of the Bukhtivets waterfall is around 8 meters, and width is 1-2 meters. This waterfall consists of one cascade. Yaremche is a town, situated in the very heart of Carpathians, on the territory of Carpathian National Natural Park and a Biosphere Reserve. A well-known Yaremche market, steep waters of Prut River that flows into the waterfall Probiy, and an open-air cage household, where the only thing dividing wildlife and the human life is a metallic net of the fence.
It is an excellent trip for corporate retreat of the whole team. Recreation in the Carpathian Mountains is exciting! Day 1. Meeting tourists. Moving to the mountain town of Yaremche. ·   Walking around Yaremche - Yaremche waterfall "Probiy" on the Prut river, over which you will pass a 20-meter high bridge to the market of Hutsul souvenirs, where you can see the true works of art of Hutsul masters. Excursion to the restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchyna”, built without a single nail completely out of wood. The Church of St. John the Merciful, the bell tower, as well as the wooden church - the best example of Hutsul folk architecture. ·   Lunch ·   Incredible walks on powerful off-road cars in mountainous terrain. You will be delighted with the lush beauty that opens up to adventure seekers. Mountain ridges and peaks, like on the palm of your hand, reveal the beauty of even the most remote grasslands and paths. ·   Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. ·   Bathing in tubs (tanks) - the best spa treatment in the Carpathians, which, as they say, has a rejuvenating effect. Carpathian Tanks - huge cast iron boilers filled with water and warmed by a fire to the temperature of 40-45 degrees. ·      Overnight at the hotel. Day 2 ·      Breakfast. ·      Departure from the hotel. ·   Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk city. INCLUSIONS: ·         accommodation in the hotel ·         meals according to the program ·         bathing in the Carpathian Tanks. ·         Transportation according to the program EXCLUSIONS: ·         personal expenses ·         jeep rides
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