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Bike Tour Route 304 “Ohliadovyi” ("Review")

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The length of the route is 7.3 km

Height - 150 meters

The time it takes to traverse in - 1 hour 20 minutes

Time on foot - 2 hours 40 minutes.

This is a short, but busy excursion route that will allow you to visit hidden from the eyes of an average tourist place and get acquainted with Yaremche and Yaremche citizens more closely. Start - on the market, near the main road (Svobody Street) and the central drugstore. The first part (about 1500 meters) - paved and absolutely flat, lies in a cozy street.

After the railroad crossing, the third stage of the route begins - solid, but quite long the rise of the streets of Kovpak and Oleksa Dovbush.

Here for the cyclist, it is important to calculate the strength and choose a low gear.

The rise as always generously rewards those who overcome it: first, we find ourselves in a fairy-tale spruce forest, and then it looks great in front of our eyes panorama of the whole city. It is worthwhile to relax and take some photos.

After the road about 500 m will go smoothly, the descent begins - the return to the city center. The fairly steep slope guarantees the rush of adrenaline, for which the mountain bike is loved so much!

Then, equally, we get to the railway crossing, after which there is the starting point.


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