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Nadvirna - the Carpathian Fairy Tale of Ukraine

Nadvirna is interesting town near the Carpathian Mountains and River Bystrytsya Nadvirnyanska. It is a little toown but has a long history and many monuments different time. Here we will see the ruins of the castle, the Market Square with the town hall, the church and a bit of Austrian style. For excursion in the town we need around 3 hours. It will be really interesting experience. Also we will visit Nadvirna History Museum, Museum of Oil Industry of Galicia.  After that we will go to Pniv Castle. It is a ruined Carpathian castle ХVI-XVII century that is famous for its rich history. 
In the evening we will come to Delyatyn and check-in in comfortable wonderful hotel "Vorota Karpat". Here we will try fantastic ukrainian dinner.
In the morning we will have delicious breakfast and check-out.
Nadvirna is the Carpathian Fairy Tale of Ukraine, so next day we offer you spend on Mountains. Fresh clean air, wonderful view, picturesque Carpathian Mountains will do this day unforgettable.
The Vysokogornyi National Dendrological Park is located in the village of Bystrytsya in the Nadvirna district. It is the only arboretum in Ukraine, located above 1000 m above sea level. The arboretum collection includes about 200 species of local and exotic species of trees and shrubs. 
After we will visit very interesting and unusual place Nadvirnyanski Rocks. From here you can see the picturesque panorama of Nadvirna, the Bystrica valley of Nadvirna and the nearby mountains. This place will be a great for photos.

Ivano-Frankivsk - Nadvirna - Delyatyn - Bystrytsya village - Ivano-Frankivsk


Aspectos importantes

We will see:
The sights of the Nadvirna town
Nadvirna History Museum and Museum of Oil Industry of Galicia
Vysokogornyi National Dendrological Park
Nadvirnyanski's Rocks




  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Надвірна
  3. Делятин
  4. Бистриця