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Winter hiking in the Carpathians

Winter hiking in the Carpathians  is a magical experience, with the snow crunching under your snowshoes, the ice crystals sparkling in the winter sun, the cold and pure air brushing against your cheeks and views stretching right out across the impressive Carpathians mountain landscape. 
Hoverla and Petros are especially charming in winter. 
Winter hike in the Carpathians is suitable for people with normal physical training. All you need is the right clothes and shoes, a balanced diet with a thermos of hot tea, and a guide that will show safe paths. We are ready to take responsibility for these!

Day 1
Meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk or Lazeshchyna village accommodation in the hotel near tourist base. After having lunch we’ll go to have a kind of acclimatization – hiking to the nearest hill. 
Day 2
DAY HIKING TO HOVERLA Every morning we wake up at 5 o’clock, not wasting a short winter light day. After breakfast, we start hiking to the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians. We take with us only small backpacks with sandwiches and thermoses with tea. You don’t need mountaineering skills for climbing Hoverla; the difficulty will be similar to an ordinary summer trip with a big backpack. The trail leading to the top has a length of about 7 km (4 hours). In the afternoon the goal will be reached! We’ll be at the highest point in Ukraine. From Hoverla you can see far: all the Chornohora ridge is in front of us. Our way down will take less time – about 3 hours.
Day 3
DAY HIKING TO PETROS Our plans of the third day include early waking up and ascent to Petros. One should not underestimate this peak, which is only the fourth highest in Ukraine. This mount is considerably more complicated. Its eastern slope was given a category of difficulty 2A (comparing to Hoverla’s 1B). Before leaving we have breakfast and put everything needed in small backpacks (snack, a thermos with tea, extra clothes). The trail to the summit smoothly leads to the valley Golovcheska (1400 m). Then we go on the crest, which connects Petros and Hoverla and begins a steep ascent. The angle of inclination on average is more than 50º, so you need to be especially careful. This part of ascent will take about an hour. The landscapes of Petros are wonderful. From the top, you can see even the Romanian territories in the south. Our way down will take about 3 hours.
Day 4
On the last day, we will have breakfast, say goodbye to the mountains (or not) and leave the hotel. Here are some options for the continuation of this day: • to take a train from Lazeshchyna (to Kyiv, Lviv); • to go skiing in Bukovel or Dragobrat; • to go to Ivano-Frankivsk by our bus together with guides. 

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What's Included:
3 nights accommodation
Local guide Professional guide
Landing and facility fees Transportation to/from attractions Departure & Return Departure Point


  1. Івано-Франківськ
  2. Лазещина
  3. Hoverla