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Making Lizhnyks (Carpathian Blankets of Wool) - Art Expedition To The Capital of the Lizhnyks

Duration: 6 days/5 nights

The formation of the tradition of weaving thick wool with a volumetric surface and long fluffy two-side nap has been well-known in Ukraine since the early Middle Ages. The raw material for lizhnyks (Carpathian Woolen Blankets) is sheep wool.

The tradition’s origin is closely related to sheep breeding, all Hutsulian people raised sheep and that is why woolen items, particularly, lizhnyks were in every Hutsulian house and they were used every day.

Kosiv is considered to be a pearl of Hutsulshchyna for ages. Kosiv city and its suburbs are famous for their unique nature, original traditions and rituals of its dwellers. There is a unique State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with over hundred-year history.

Yavoriv is a Hutsulian marvelous village with famous art traditions. It is situated in picturesque part of Pokuttya-Bukovynian Carpathians. There are such well-known nature places on the village territory as a reserved forest “Ternoshory” with 10 hectares area (24,71 acres), that includes unique rocks where you can see ancient religious sanctuary and rare plant species, a complex reserved place “Sokilskyi mountain range” with wonderful rock outcrops and rich in plants, geological natural monuments – Rybnytsia River and Huk-Waterfalls on its creeks.

Yaremche is the most famous climatic health resort of the Precarpathian area, the travel center of Ivano-Frankivsk region and the whole Hutsuliya. It is located on the riverside of Prut at the altitude of 550-585 meters above sea level among picturesque mountains.


  • Walking around a famous mountain town Yaremche and viewing the Carpathian cascade waterfall Probiy, the authentic restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”, Park-Museum of the Carpathians in Miniature and an opportunity to observe Carpathian wild animals in the nature;
  • Visiting a small mountain town Kosiv. Shopping at the Kosiv souvenir market.
  • Visiting the Hutsulian capital of the ancient craft – making lizhnyks (Carpathian wool blankets) – Yavoriv village. Art workshop of making lizhnyks - blankets of wool. An opportunity to buy lizhnyks with a special discount.
  • Walking excursion in the historical part of Stanislaviv - Ivano-Frankivsk.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Yaremche
  3. Kosiv
  4. Yavoriv