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Horseback Riding Tour In The Carpathians

Discover a hidden beauty of the Carpathian nature riding the Hutsulian horse!

Apart from wonderful nature, traditional cuisine and Carpathian tincture, you will have plenty of opportunities for riding. Choosing any route, you will certainly receive incredible emotions and experience. The Carpathian horseback riding has a centuries-old tradition.

During this trip the local horse (a Hutsul breed) will bring a great pleasure for the horse riding lovers. This is the best way to learn something new about the Carpathians, because during the riding you can observe natural and cultural monuments. After the horseback riding you will have an opportunity to get to know the Carpathian cultural traditions at the local authentic restaurant.


  • 3-hour horseback ride along the Carpathian mountain paths;
  • Incredible breathtaking landscapes with the vast mountain valleys, fast rivers and great mountains covered with forests;
  • Traditional Carpathian cuisine, including the mushroom soup and banosh (the Hutsul maize porridge cooked with sour cream. Banosh can be served with a mushroom sauce, cracklings or brynza);
  • The Carpathian tincture – dzhyndzhurka (the Hutsulian ginseng);
  • Having an unforgettable trip in the group of 12.


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