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Bike Tour - Route 301 “Bila Skelia” (White Rock)

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Mount Pirs-Dora - a rock “White Stone”

The length of the route is 23 km.

The highest spot is 973 meters.

Height - 586 meters.

Transit time is 4 hours.

This is an excellent extreme route from Yaremche, which not every beginner will dare to take. Get ready for tough climbs, elements of the back-country and bike climbing, clay descents, and if you will - even the real rock climbing.

All this is waiting for the brave who decide to conquer Mount Pirs-Dora and see the White Stone Rock.

The route starts from a highway in the village Dora, close to the turn to the Saint Andrew Monastery. It is better to climb the mountain from the Delyatyn side. You can reach this town through a highway or living zone.

Without reaching the river Peremyska, near the chapel, you should turn left.

The populated locality is behind. Here you start climbing the mountain: you must rely on the map, pointers and sports intuition. Further on the rise one should expect a flat area, where the road is absolutely smooth.

Conquering the mountain will bring unexpected gifts: the opportunity of rock climbing.

Wonderful panoramas and stunning grass-clay downhill to Dora with a finish at the starting point.


From EUR 50

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