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Gastro adventure

 Ukraine has always been famous for its national traditional cuisine, every region of our beautiful country has its own peculiarities and Hutsul region is considered to have one of the biggest range of dishes. Bordering with 4 countries (Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova), Carpathian cuisine brings together the best tastes of each land. You should definitely get to know to Ukrainian culinary delights!

If you are a foodie, then tour operator “Aventour” is here for you to offer special gastronomical tours that you can’t miss!
Your gastro adventure awaits, so get ready!



Here is the list of top dishes for tasting to feel the flavour of Carpathians :

  1. Borsch

  2. Holubtsi ( stuffed cabbage)

  3. Banush with brynza ( cornmeal porridge)

  4. Deruny ( potato pancakes)

  5. Varenyky ( dumplings)


By the way, master classes on cooking can be held if desired ( for an additional charge)