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Art Expedition To The Capital of The Ancient Craft

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Ivano-Frankivsk – Deliatyn – Yaremche – Kolomyia – Sheshory – Kosiv - Ivano-Frankivsk

Duration: 6 days/5 nights

Pottery is one of the oldest crafts which convey information about the ancient way of life. Hutsulian craftsmen are famous for their wonderful painting and a variety of drawings. You can see both animal and everyday life scenes on their works. At the craft workshop, you are able to make a souvenir of pottery clay on your own.

Yaremche is a pearl of the Carpathians, the most famous climatic health resort of the Precarpathian area, the touristic (travel) center of Ivano-Frankivsk region and the whole Hutsuliya. This city is rich in the marvelous mountain landscapes, healing sources, cultural monuments, fascinating history.

Kosiv has been considered to be a highlight of Hutsulshchyna and ancient craft for ages. Kosiv city and its suburbs are famous for their unique nature, traditions and rituals. There is a unique State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with over hundred-year history.

Ivano-Frankivsk is first of all the city of promenades. The most valuable thing is a historic atmosphere of the central European provincial city. Here you can feel as if on an island, and that is because two rivers surround the city. More and more original cafes, fancy bars, restaurants and institutions are created. Ivano-Frankivsk is a completely unique area, first of all, it is the city of Galicia, that for centuries belonged to another civilization.

Kolomyia is the center of the social, cultural and educational life of Precarpathian area, the capital of the Pokuttya land. This city impresses both its guests and locals by its authentic, vivid museums, incredible historical, cultural and architectural monuments. This city has saved its original architectural charm of European city, having been built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Sheshory silver waterfalls are cascade and they are created by Pistynka River in Kosiv District. The waters of this river reach a few hundred meters in width, move on the huge sandstones and create two parallel waterfalls of 3 and 5 meters height. Those waterfalls are named Big and Small Huk. They have ve got such names because of the loud noise they produce. And under the sun rays the drops of water sparkle in a special way, presenting the water flows with wonderful bright silver colors. 

Da EUR 249.99




the village of Delyatyn


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  • Visiting Yaremche city to see the Carpathian cascade waterfall Probiy, the souvenir market, the authentic restaurant Hutsulshyna, Park-Museum of the Carpathians in Miniature and a chance  to observe the Carpathian wild animals in nature;

  • Excursion to Kolomyia. This city is famous for its authentic kolomiykas (songs) and museum Pysanka;

  • Excursion to an old authentic village Sheshory. Viewing the Silvery Cascade Falls;

  • Excursion to a small mountain town Kosiv. An opportunity to buy a vyshyvanka (an embroidered shirt), to see craftsmen-instructors, making Kosiv ceramic and fresco;

  • Strolling around the city Ivano-Frankivsk.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Делятин
  3. Яремче
  4. Коломыя
  5. Шешоры
  6. Косов