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Expedition To The Verkhovyna Mountain Valleys

Da EUR 450

9 days/8 nights

Verkhovyna is considered to be the center of Hutsulian culture. It is the land rich in different legends, natural and architectural monuments.

Verkhovyna is a city of picturesque mountain landscapes, blooming valleys, endless mountain valleys and forests. It is located at the altitude of 620 meters above sea level on the banks of the River Chornyi Cheremosh.

Kosiv has been considered to be the heart of Hutsuliya for ages. This city and its suburbs are famous for unique nature, incredible traditions and customs of local people. There is a unique in Europe State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with over a hundred-year history. Famous Kosiv craftsmen, descents of the world-known families of Korpaniuk, Shkribliak and Druchkov are instructors in this Institute.

Yaremche is the most famous climatic resort in the Precarpathian region, the travel centre of Ivano-Franlivsk area and Hutsulshchyna. It is situated among the picturesque mountains at the altitude of 550-585 meters above sea level on the banks of the River Prut.

Dil Mountain Valley.  For ages forests and mountain valleys have been giving main work for local people in the Carpathians.  Dil Mountain Valley is also called “landlord’s valley”. Climbing it would not take too much time and effort. You will see the breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, take part in a master class of making the Hutsulian foods, like cheese, budz (smoked Hutsul cheese), vurda (combined cow’s and sheep’s milk cheese), brynza (sheep’s milk cheese), butter. Seasonal prevalence on the valleys is from May to October. 

Optional Trip: Horse-riding trip. The Hutsulian horse is a breed of domestic horses living only in the Carpathian mountain area on the territory of Ukraine. Riding the Hutsulian horse to not only see the incredible landscapes of Carpathians, but also to visit fascinating places and pick the Carpathian herbs and berries.

Da EUR 450




In evidenza

  • Excursion in the town Verkhovyna;
  • Excursion in the Musical Authentic Instruments Museum;
  • Climbing the Valley Dil to see the shepherds herding cows and sheep;
  • Taking part in producing the dairy foods, Ukrainian national dish Banosh (the Hutsulian maize porridge cooked with sour cream), making varenyky with cottage cheese (a popular Ukrainian dish made of boiled dough with various fillings, such as mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, etc.), and tasting  Carpathian tinctures.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Верховина
  3. Косов