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Weekend Tour Autumn Carpathians

Enjoy a marvelous weekend in the Autumn Carpathians!

You are going to visit places in the very heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians Mountains.

Yaremche is famous for its monuments of Hutsulian architecture. The most famous place of interest is restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchyna”.

Another delight of the city is considered to be the waterfall Probiy, situated on the river Prut. The large souvenir fair is located right next to it. It offers folk craft items of wood, leather, goat wool, paintings, and embroidered towels.

Bukovel is the greatest center of ski tourism in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe.

There will be an exciting stroll around the resort, cable car lifting up to the highest peak, where the panoramic view of Chornohora range can be seen.

Accommodation: Resort “Vorota Karpat, double and triple rooms with all the facilities.

There is also an excellent sauna for 8 persons, heated swimming pool, leisure room, patio, mini zoo,  gazebo, playground, and a lake.


- 1st day - breakfast at Resort “Vorota Karpat after check-in, which includes dishes of the traditional Ukrainian cuisine (variety of healthy meals) 

- 1st day - lunch in restaurants, based on your own preferences.

- 1st day - dinner at Resort “Vorota Karpat that comprises dishes of the Hutsulian cuisine. 

- 2nd day breakfast at Resort “Vorota Karpat

- 2nd day lunch at “Hutsulshchyna”, based on your own preferences.

In evidenza

  • Getting to know the historical town Delyatyn;
  • Visiting the resort “Bukovel” and an opportunity to view the Carpathians at a height;
  • Getting to know Yaremche – a resort city on the river Prut and in among the mountains;
  • Tasting traditional Ukrainian cuisine at the restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchyna” where they keep to the original recipes;
  • Visiting the museum “The Carpathians in Miniature”.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Делятин
  3. Буковель
  4. Яремче
  5. Ивано-Франковск
  6. Ивано-Франковск