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Trip to the Carpathians

The exciting tour for fans of wonderful clean air, thermal baths and unforgettable impressions!

Marvelous places to see and so much to do!

The famous resort Pylypets is located near the charming natural attractions: the Shypit Waterfall and the Borzhava Valley.

Mukachevo Castle is one of the most valuable historical and military-architectural monuments of Zakarpattia of the ХІV-ХVІІ centuries. The castle is located on a mountain of volcanic origin with a height of 68 m and an area of ​​13 930 m.

The exact date of the castle is unknown, but it is already mentioned in documents dating back to the XI century.


Uzhhorod Castle

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  • time travel, during which we will see: the Uzhhorod castle, the wine cellars of the XVII century, the Jewish Quarter of the Czechoslovak Quarter, the Austro-Hungarian part of the city;

  • a sightseeing excursion around the fairy-tale palace of Graf Shanbrowns;

  • lifting by cable chair to Mount Hymba for experienced athletes, but for beginners it will be nice and safe to master skiing on light and medium roads on the complexity of the routes of Zhid-Mahura;

  • relaxing in the thermal pools in the picturesque town of Kosyno.


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  2. Ужгород
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