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Rest For The Soul in Sheshory

Sheshorу is a great picturesque village of Hutsul which is located in the midst of beautiful mountains. The village stretches along the Pistinka River, which is famous for its waterfalls, that is why they are the main attraction of the area. 
We offer you a one-day tour that will allow you to take a break from the urban routine. We will visit wonderful Sheshorski Sriblyasti waterfall (Silver Waterfall) which include Waterfall Velykyi Guk (Big Guk) and Waterfall Malyi Guk (Little Guk).
Waterfall Velykyi Guk (Big Guk) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathians with a water fall height of 5 m.. It is one of the biggest waterfalls and undoubtedly the loudest. 
Waterfall Malyi Guk (Little Guk) is a little waterfall, its height is around 2m., but very beautiful. Despite the fact that the river is mountainous, in the summer its water warms up to 25˚С.
Rosochata meadow is a wonderful Hutsul place. In the meadow you can see the process of making a true Hutsul brynza, listen to the stories of the locals, ride a horse, and most importantly - feel the true taste of rest in the Carpathians. 
Dovbusha Cave  is in the form of a rectangular tunnel 27 m long, 1-1.5 m wide, 2-4 m high. A 12-meter corridor leads to it, and a source flows from the depth of the tunnel. There are so many legends born in this place. 
Also we will try delicious ukrainian cuisine.

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In the tour we will see:
Waterfall Velykyi Guk (Big Guk)
Waterfall Malyi Guk (Little Guk)
Rosochata meadow (master class making really hutsul brynza(cheese))

Dovbusha Cave
Wonderful ukrainian dinner



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