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The Carpathian Tram in Vyhoda

Vyhoda is a beautiful village near Ivano-Frankivsk. It is a old place with a long own history. Located at the foot of the Ukrainian Carpathians so nature here is wonderful. 
In Vyhoda there is one very interesting and unusual attraction Karpatskii Tramvaichyk (Carpathian Tram). It is a wonderful entertaining that is becoming very popular with tourists. 
The Carpathian tram passes the only excursion route in Ukraine along the narrow-gauge railway, laid along the river Mizunki in the picturesque Carpathian foothills. The train includes a locomotive with 12 seats for tourists to observe the work of the driver, and 2 cars for different tastes of tourists: a closed wagon with comfortable seats, and a wagon-open -  place for entertainment and photo. 
Along the way, the guide will tell you about the history and grandeur of the network of narrow-gauge railways, their purpose and how they managed to reconstruct the last narrow-gauge railway in the Carpathian region. The route provides stops near the bridge over the river Mizunka, springs of mineral water "Goryanka", hanging marsh Shirkovets, station Dubovyi Kut and near the cascade of Mizunsky waterfall. The Carpathian tram crosses four bridges (there are over thirty in total). By ordering an excursion to Mindunok Station, you can visit the former logging village from which the railway industry branches diverge into the mountains in different directions. 
In the station Dubovyi Kut we will have picnic in ukrainian style in wonderful place near mountains and river.

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Unusual tour includes:
unusual excurcion on Carpathian Tram
visiting to the sights of the program of excurcion
picnic on the nature




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