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Conquering Hoverla

We share your wish to climb the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians and of the Ukraine - Hoverla, the height of which is 2061 m above the sea level. But it's worth noting, that despite being technically not a complicated peak, not everyone is strong enough to climb it and someone can give up on the halfway. That's why, before climbing, make sure that you stronf enough, don't have heart diseases, problems with blood pressure and other serious illnesses that may become an obstacle.
Also don't take a lot of things with you, just take warm clothes, some food for energy,warm beverages, raincoat, comfortable shoes and that's will be enough, you don't need overweight.
Climbing Hoverla is a one-day hike, designed for 6-8 hours of active walking. If the starting point is sports training resort "Zarosliak", then the distance in both directions will be 7-8 km. Are you ready for this challenge? If yes, good luck!

In evidenza

  • You route will start from the Zaroslyak basecamp;
  • After that you will pass through picturesque mountain peaks as Brebeneskul (2033), Pip Ivan (2022 m), Petros (2020 m) and can enjoy the view there;
  • As you descend from the top, you will return to the same place that you started – Zarosliak basecamp.



  1. Івано-Франківськ
  2. Ворохта
  3. вулиця Говерлянська, 31, Ворохта