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Weekend Tour «The Treasury of Nature»

Ivano-Frankivsk – Starunia – Bukovel – Pniv – Yaremche – Ivano- Frankivsk

A mud volcano Starunia is a unique geological natural monument, the only active mud volcano in the Carpathian region. Mud volcanoes are a rarity in this region, only two of them are known – Starunia volcano in Ukraine and Berkivskyi in Romania. There are only a few such places in Europe. Apart from the mentioned ones, there are well-known mud volcano in Sicily and northern foothills of the Apennines in Italy, on the Kerch Peninsula in Ukraine.

Pniv Castle was built in the second half of the XVI century by the Kuropatovs, Polish feudalists. It played a very important role of a put-post during the Polish-Turkish Wars of the XVII century. It is one of the strongest citadels of Ivano-Frankivsk region and at its time, the most solid castle in Ukraine.

Bukhtivets and Krapelkovyi waterfalls are the waterfalls of Ukrainian Carpathians that are situated in the mountain massif of Gorgana. The height of the Bukhtivets waterfall is around 8 meters, and width is 1-2 meters. This waterfall consists of one cascade.

Yaremche is a town, situated in the very heart of Carpathians, on the territory of Carpathian National Natural Park and a Biosphere Reserve. A well-known Yaremche market, steep waters of Prut River that flows into the waterfall Probiy, and an open-air cage household, where the only thing dividing wildlife and the human life is a metallic net of the fence.


Pniv Castle


  • Excursion to the unique geological natural monument – an active mud volcano and an everlasting fire;
  • Excursion to the ruins of Pniv Castle;
  • Incredible waterfalls of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Bukhtivets and Krapelkovyi waterfalls;
  • Excursion to the very heart of the Carpathians - Yaremche city with a loud waterfall Probiy and a well-known souvenir market.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Старуня
  3. Буковель
  4. Пнев
  5. Яремче