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Heart of Carpathians - the city Vorokhta

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Vorokhta is fairly the most popular mountain resort in the Carpathian Mountains and it is included in the Carpathian National Natural Park. Vorokhta is located both in the lowland and on the mountain slopes. The line Rebrovach, which is covered with the spruce wood, separates the area on the east side from Tatariv (village).
You will have:

  • Meeting of tourists with a representative of the company «Aven - Tour»
  • Comfortable transporation
  • Visiting 100-year-old viaduct
  • Trip to the Nesamovyte Lake
  • Zip – line in Vorothta
  • Climbing the Kukul Mountain
The price includes:
  • Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Escort of company̕s representative
  • Transfer in either direction
  • Lunch

The trip lasts 8-9 hours

From EUR 50

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the city of Voorkhta, Viaduct


  • 100-year-old viaduct. In Vorokhta, there is two of the six Ukrainian viaducts (stone arc bridge), that where formerly used for railway connection. Both of them are over 100 years old and over 100 meters in length, more specifically, 100 and 130 meters (326 and 426 feet) which makes them one of the longest in Europe.
  • Nesamovyte Lake. It is one of the highest lakes in Ukraine, as it is situated 1750 meters (5741 feet) above sea level. You can only get there by walking on foot, using the established tourist route. There are plenty of legends related to the lake, and most of them warn you against swimming in there. One of the stories says, that it is a place where ice storm begins.
  • Zipline. In Vorokhta, there was established one of the first ziplines in the Carpathians – more than 700-meter cable climb down. The distance between the starting point and the finish is about 18 meters. The climb down is divided into two parts – 550 and 170, the stop is obligatory. The weight limit is 35-120 kg (about 78-265 pounds)
  • Climbing the Kukul Mountain is of the many one day trips in the Carpathians: simple, established route of the average length – 12-15 km (7-9 miles). It can be covered on foot; for those who enjoy winter activities – skiing or snowboarding. Western and north-eastern slopes of the mountain are truly swift and that is where you can ski and do a free ride.


  1. Ivano-Frankivs’k
  2. Ворохта
  3. озеро Несамовите
  4. Кукул