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Kosiv is located on the area of the National Park “Hutsulshchyna”, the Mykhalkova Mountain (812 meters above sea level). The resort is 2 kilometers away from the center of the city, which is said to be the cultural and tourist center of Hutshulshchyna (a region in Western Ukraine). This is a peculiar area where people keep to the old traditions and customs, rituals and culture.

Kosiv district is a land of high mountains, swift streams, woods, and valleys, where there is a sound of trembita (a specific musical instrument) and unique melodies of the Hutsul musicians.

There are unique types of flora and fauna, the sources of waters and mountain waterfalls.

The Kosiv souvenir market works twice a week: every Thursday and Saturday, major religious holidays make the exceptions. You can buy there: Easter pysankas (pattern-painted eggs), wooden vases, jewelry boxes, statuettes, pottery plates, embroidered and weaved shirts, towels, carpets, lizhnyks (woolen blankets), items of beads, metal, leather and even cheese and other hand-made things.

The Kosiv Huk is the geological natural monument of a great significance. It is located on the Rybnytsia River, with the city of Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The Kosiv waterfalls or “Huks”, consist of two parts – huk, that is a fall, and foam – the part of the river where the water flows down. It creates a so-called “boiling pot” covered with white foam.

Kosiv Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life is in the house (19-20 centuries) which initially belonged to the European community. The museum possesses about 5 000 showpieces. The collection is represented by the best items of wood, pottery, leather and metal, Hutsul clothing and embroidery.

The Mykhalkova Mountain is the highest peak in Kosiv. There are amazing views from the mountain and fascinating panoramas of the city and the closest villages. Mykhalkova is the heart of ski tourism in the Kosiv district. Cable chair lifting track was constructed in 1975. Its length is 900 meters, and the track is 1200 meters. The height is 250 meters. May 6, the holiday of Saint George, the Dragonslayer, there is a great bonfire on the mountain peak that can be observed from all around Kosiv.

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Once you visit the Kosiv area, don’t miss the chance to visit:

•    Kosiv Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life with unique craft works;

•    The private Kornelyuk Family museum of Hutsul Art;

•    Oleksa Dovbush Museum (city of Kosmach);

•    Ivan Franko Museum;

•    National Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art;

•    The “Pysanka” museum in Kolomyia.

Kosiv is also famous for its Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts – it is the unique institution in Europe with an over 40-year-old history.

Kosiv has unique natural monuments:


•    Kosiv Huk (the Rybnytsia River, Kosiv)

•    The Silver Falls (Sheshory Village)

•    Luzhky Fall (the village of Velykyi Rozhyn)

•    Yavoriv Huk (Yavoriv Village)

•    Velykyi and Malyi Huk of Shepit (Shepit Village)

Reserve Tracts

•    Lebedyn Lake (unique lake of 11 meters depth, located at the 650 meters height in Sheshory Village)

•    Hayivka (fir-tree and spruce plantings of 100 years old, Kosmach Forestry Area)

•    Khomyn Tract (beech planting over 100 years old)

•    Dilok (oak planting about 50 years old)

•    Utoropy (forest pine planting about 105 years old)

•    Arboretum of the sanatorium “Kosiv” – is the unique collection of trees and shrubs (729 items of 44 types of plants from all around the world, collected by the scientist A. Tarnavskyi in last century)

•    Arboretum “Dendrarii” – it has over 70 species of trees (Yavoriv Forestry Area)

Mineral Springs

•    Hydrogen sulfide source (Kosiv, mountain Sopka)

•    The Organic Spring (Sheshory)

•    Pistyn salt well (Pistyn Village)

•    Hydrogen sulfide source (Prokurava Village, tract Petrychyla)

•    Utoropy salt springs (Utoropy Village)

What we offer in Kosiv:

•    Tour “Hutsul Wanderings” – small strolls and long-term mountain horse trips, sleigh riding;

•    Walking tours of various difficulty levels, popular and less known mountain routes, the terrific views of the Carpathians – everything on your palm!

•    Bike tour: there are bike routes for true extreme lovers with swift climbs down, and the tours for those who just start exploring mountain bike wanderings and seek tours with plain mountain valleys.

Take a nice stroll around the city, get to visit the waterfalls, there is an abundance of them in Kosiv. The two of them – Huk (1) and Huk (2) are located within the city!


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