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Festival “New Year and Christmas’ Toy”

On December 19, the St. Nicholas Estate in the village of Pistyn, Kosiv region, will host the district New Year and Christmas Toy Festival. It is held annually by the National Hutsulshchyna National Park for the purpose of studying and preserving the traditions, customs and rituals of the Hutsul region and the Ukrainian people.
St. Nicholas Day is a day of celebration and homage to St. Nicholas.
The Saint Nicholas Manor Tourist and Art Complex invites everyone to join in the celebration this day. Children will be able to dive here in a fabulous atmosphere of the holiday, meet with Nicholas in person, visit his estate.

Pistyn village, Kosiv district



Within the framework of the festival is held an exhibition-competition of New Year and Christmas compositions "Let's Save the Forest Beauty", the theme of which is careful attitude to the environment, preservation of Christmas trees. At the New Year's and children's toys competition, they will choose the best toy that symbolizes or reflects the New Year and Christmas theme.


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